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Elite Richwood Composite Shutters

EliteTo enhance the interior of your home, nothing compares to the warmth of natural wood. And nothing accents your windows quite like the timelss beauty of a wood shutter.

Now consider a shutter that is as beautiful as real wood, but with the exceptional durability provided by engineered wood-composite materials. The Richwood® Shutter collection from Elite Window Fashions does what no wood shutter can: deliver the look of wood, with a lifetime of outstanding performance. Every louver looks and feels like 100% wood, however, a moisture-resistant, durable top coat seals the composite wood core for unprecedented strength.

No other shutter line is tougher than Elite Richwood® Shutter. Harsh climates as well as everyday wear and tear are no match for the rock-hard finish. The finish is both UV and moisture resistant and will not fade or warp.

Richwood® Shutters are defined by their classic profiles in a range of white tints. Possibilities are abound with 3 louver sizes (2½ , 3 ½, and 4½ ), 6 different panel configurations, and 6 distinct frame styles (below); not to mention a choice of bi-fold or bypass track systems, perfect for large windows, patio doors or closets.

The Benefits of Using Richwood® Shutters Toronto

There are plenty of benefits of using Richwood® Shutters Toronto. The first and the most important benefit is that they would look great in your office space or your home. They provide you with a classic, elegant touch which you have always wanted.

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Also, these shutters are very energy efficient since they have high insulation properties. They are painted with UV coating so these would never discolor. You never have to worry about any type of damage to Richwood® Shutters Toronto since they would not chip, crack.

elite wood Shutters z frame Toronto

elite wood Shutters decritive z frame Toronto

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Frame Configurations: Choose from 6 different configurations; 2-sided , 3-sided, or 4-sided frames, 3-sided door frame (3/8" bottom clearance) 2-sided cafe frame, and 3-sided inverted cafe frame.

Frame Designs: Eliminate unsighlty light gaps between the shutter and window with six decorative frame designs: Standard Z-frame, Deluxe Z-frame, 3" or 4" Face Mount frames, Standard L-frame, Narrow Sill L-frame, and Deep L-frame.

Track Systems: Two types of track systems are available; Bi-fold Track System allows for a versatile folding configuration and can use larger shutter panels sliding on a single track. The Bypass Track System uses two parallel tracks allowing 2 to 6 panels to slide past one another.

Specialty Shapes: Elite offers several custom specialty shape designs from arches, raked-tops, hexagons, and inserted shapes all available with moveable sunset or starburst louvers (Sunset Arch, starburst Arch, inserted starburst Arch, Starburst Oval, Starburst Quarter Arch, Starburst Raked)

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