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Shade-O-Matic Vinyl Shutters

Shade-o-matic vinyl shutters offer a range of vinyl shutters which have unparalleled elegance, durability and superior designs. These shutters are perfect for your home and especially good for homes situated in humid and high temperature climates. These vinyl shutters are perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms and in areas that have high humidity. All of these shutters are manufactured with high quality vinyl.

For optimizing your views, these shutters are available in two popular louver sizes- 2 3/8” and 3 3/8” which would provide you with clear views. These louvers have been cellular designed in order to increase their thermal efficiency. All of these shutters have been made with precision to create equal distance between the louvers. These shutters are very long lasting since they would not discolor, crack or warp even after years.

Vinyl shutters are ideal for use in saunas because they are resistant to moisture and humidity. You would be able to get these Shade-o-matic vinyl shutters Toronto in almond, silk and white colors which do not require sanding, staining or painting. The hinges are available in almost all the popular color choices in fixed as well as removable styles.

The decorative over mount frames which are used in these vinyl shutters are stunning and would fit in with any type of décor. The colonial frames, Z frames and squareness frames are absolutely unique in looks as well as functions. There are quite a lot of special applications used in these shutters like double hung, café style, bay window, bi fold and bi pass systems.

Shade-O-Matic Vinyl Shutters Featuers & Options

shade-o-matic Interior Vinyl Shutters toronto

shade-o-matic Vinyl Shutters toronto

*  Our UV - Resistant Poly-satin Shutters are manufactured from the highest quality "outdoor grade" vinyl.

*  Two Louver Sizes - The popular 2 3/8" and 3 3/8", which are fashionably contoured to optimize your view. Cellular designed louvers increases thermal efficiency.

*  Precision manufacturing - Equidistant computer positioned louvers create equal spacing between louvers.

*  Poly-satin shutters will not warp from moisture, crack from heat or discolour from sunlight. All major stress points are reinforced with aluminum, for added strength.

*  Ideal for high moisture areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and saunas.

*  Colour Choices - Finished to last, the solid white, silk and almond colours are impregnated throughout the shutter. Never requires painting, staining or sanding.

*  Hinges are available in the most popular colours, in both removable fixed styles and wrap around.

*  Concealed louver end caps
- Features a re-engineered louver. Pressure fitted concealed end caps provide a smooth sleek look.

*  Sigma Catch SystemT - Optional system has a spring loaded catch mechanism which facilitates easy opening and closing of shutters, thus eliminating the magnets.

*  Stunning over-mount decorative frames blend in with any decor. Unique "Squareness Frames", "Colonial Frames" and "Z-Frames" solve problem inside mount openings that are out of square.

*  Specialty applications such as - Bi-Pass and Bi-Fold systems, Bay window, Café style, Double hung are available.

*  Our shutters are also flame retardant, complying with NFPA standard 701/1966.

The Arch

Nothing's left unfinished with The Arch - from Shade-O-Matic®. Now you can create a perfect finished look for your arched windows. The new Arch shutter is made-to-measure in Tuscany® Wood, Poly-satin, for an exact match with our complete Art of Shutters® collection. And with our adjustable louvers, you also get complete light control!

Key Features

  • Patent pending shutter Arch system is available in Poly-satin and Tuscany® wood shutters.
  • Uniquely designed, the Arch is a fully operable horizontal system. The louvers run horizontally, consistent in design with all the other shutters in the room.
  • Louvers are operable and are controlled by one tilt-bar per section. Louvers close tightly, in the down position only.
  • Available in both 2 3/8" and 3 3/8" louvers.
  • The Arch is manufactured with an aluminum reinforced perimeter, offering the greatest possible support.
  • All arches feature a tilt-bar system that is standard in the front of the Arch, at the highest point of each section, usually in the center. The tilt-bar can also be placed on the back middle of the Arch. Tilt-bar location (front or back) must be specified at the time of placing order.
  • Vertical arch supports are positioned throughtout the arch, providing uniformity with panels below. Smaller arches may not require vertical arch supports.
  • Colour consistency for both paints and stains, co-ordinating with other shutters in the room.
  • One 8 foot telescopic pole is included with every order.
  • Easy to install system also allows for simple maintenance and cleaning of window.


The Arch is available in symmetrical and non-symmetrical, as well as quarter arch circles.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Care & Maintenance

Our smooth finish allows you to clean your arch effortlessley. Tuscany - with a damp cloth, and Poly-Satin - with ordinary mild dish soap and water. To thoroughly clean the louvers, tilt them almost all the way down and wipe them off. Then tilt them almost all the way up and clean the other side. Not fully closing the louvers in either direction allows cleaning where the louvers overlap.