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Shade-O-Matic Wood Shutters

If you are looking for wood shutters Toronto which are luxurious, then consider shade-o-matic wood shutters Toronto. These wood shutters Toronto make use of superior quality fabrics which last for a long time and provide beauty and elegance to a room. These shutters can transform the light coming into the room and provides immense light control to the users.

Shade-O-Matic Wood Shutters Main Features

There are several great features of shade-o-matic wood shutters Toronto. These wood shutters Toronto provide elegant beauty since the cords and rout holes are all concealed for a sleek look. These are made of smooth polyester which makes them repel dust, durable and are anti-static. The single cell models are available in pleat sizes of 3/8" and ¾" which the double cell variations are available in pleat sizes of ½". These wood shutters Toronto provide insulation and helps block harmful UV rays.

All of these wood shutters Toronto come with a Hi-rise system which has a continuous system of cord loop with cord tensioner complete with child safety features. The Ultra-Rise system also provides you the chance to stop the shade just where you want it to stop.

shade-o-matic wood Shutters style Toronto

shade-o-matic wood Shutters Toronto

*  Tuscany Wood Shutters are constructed from premium quality North American Hardwood. Outstanding workmanship, using the latest technology, provides durability and structural integrity.

*  Two Louver SizesThe popular 2 3/8" and 3 3/8", which are fashionably contoured to optimize your view.

*  Equidistant computer positioned louvers create equal spacing between louvers.

*  The traditional tilt - bar design features patented cufflink connectors which are made of coloured injection molded delrin nylon. The unique feature enables the louvers to close tightly in both directions. Tilt-bar is standard on the front centre of the shutter. The tilt-bar has the option of going on the back or front of the shutter, on the hinge side of the panel.

*  Tuscany Wood Shutters are sanded and painted multiple times for the smoothest, most durable finish available.

*  A UV inhibitor is applied and provides resistance to disclouration and protects against the harmful effects of the environment. This is a unique feature to our Tuscany Wood Shutters.

*  Great colour choices - Available in the most popular colours - wood stains natural and white painted finishes, carefully selected to co-ordinate with any type of furniture or decor.

*  Hinges
are available in the most popular colours, in removable, fixed styles and wrap around.

*  Sigma Catch SystemT - Optional system has a spring loaded catch mechanism which facilitates easy opening and closing of shutters, thus eliminating the magnets.

*  Stunning over-mount decorative frames blend with any decor. Unique "L Frames" and "Z Frames" solve problem inside/outside openings that are out of square.

*  Specialty applications such as - Bi-Pass and Bi-Fold systems, Bay window, Café style, Double hung are available.

Shade-O-Matic Wood Shutters Special Products

Some of the special products offered are the café style where the shade lowers from the top and also in a conventional way from the bottom. In the Nighttime Daytime wood shutters Toronto, two fabrics are combined for versatility, beauty and function. If you want you can also get products which include features like motorization, skylights, angle, octagon, half circle and arch. No matter what your requirements are, you would be able to find it with Shade-o-matic wood shutters Toronto.

Shade-O-Matic Wood Shutters Arch

Nothing's left unfinished with The Arch - from Shade-O-Matic®. Now you can create a perfect finished look for your arched windows. The new Arch shutter is made-to-measure in Tuscany® Wood, Poly-satin, for an exact match with our complete Art of Shutters® collection. And with our adjustable louvers, you also get complete light control!

shade-o-matic wood Shutters In Toronto

*  Patent Pending - Shutter Arch System is availble in Poly-satin Vinyl.

*  Two Louver Sizes - The popular 2 3/8" and 3 3/8" louvers,

*   manufacturing - The Arch is manufactured with solid wood components.

*  One 8 Foot telescopic pole is included with every order.

*  Ideal for high moisture areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and saunas.

*  Colour Choices - Finished to last, the solid white, silk and almond colours are impregnated throughout the shutter. Never requires painting, staining or sanding.

*  Operational Louvers Louvers are operational and are controlled by one tilt bar per section. Louvers close tightly in the down position only.

*  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Shade-O-Matic Wood Shutters Key Features

  • Patent pending shutter Arch system is available in Poly-satin and Tuscany® wood shutters.
  • Uniquely designed, the Arch is a fully operable horizontal system. The louvers run horizontally, consistent in design with all the other shutters in the room.
  • Louvers are operable and are controlled by one tilt-bar per section. Louvers close tightly, in the down position only.
  • Available in both 2 3/8" and 3 3/8" louvers.
  • The Arch is manufactured with an aluminum reinforced perimeter, offering the greatest possible support.
  • All arches feature a tilt-bar system that is standard in the front of the Arch, at the highest point of each section, usually in the center. The tilt-bar can also be placed on the back middle of the Arch. Tilt-bar location (front or back) must be specified at the time of placing order.
  • Vertical arch supports are positioned throughtout the arch, providing uniformity with panels below. Smaller arches may not require vertical arch supports.
  • Colour consistency for both paints and stains, co-ordinating with other shutters in the room.
  • One 8 foot telescopic pole is included with every order.
  • Easy to install system also allows for simple maintenance and cleaning of window.

Shade-O-Matic Wood Shutters Specialties

The Arch is available in symmetrical and non-symmetrical, as well as quarter arch circles.

Shade-O-Matic Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Shade-O-Matic Wood Shutters Care & Maintenance

Our smooth finish allows you to clean your arch effortlessley. Tuscany - with a damp cloth, and Poly-Satin - with ordinary mild dish soap and water. To thoroughly clean the louvers, tilt them almost all the way down and wipe them off. Then tilt them almost all the way up and clean the other side. Not fully closing the louvers in either direction allows cleaning where the louvers overlap.