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Motorized Polywood Shutters

Everyone wants total comfort when they are at home. Today you can change your environment with the help of a remote control and enjoy the freedom that it brings with it with the help of the new line of polywood shutters Toronto. These polywood shutters Toronto come with a remote control which would provide you the power that you need. With just a touch of a button the louvers of the pollywood shutters Toronto would move up and down in a quiet and smooth way. You would also be able to stop the louvers anywhere you want and set them at any angle. These motorized polywood shutters Toronto are useful where the windows are out of reach and they fit in perfectly in large rooms with home theaters where you do not have to leave your seat for adjusting the louvers.

Polywood shutters Toronto which are motorized are easy to use for individuals with disabilities and for the elderly.

How Do these Work?

Motorized polywood shutters Toronto have a motor at the base of the shutter which would operate all the louvers in unison. This particular system works on a radio frequency technology so you do not even have to point the remote at the shutter. You can even use the remote from another room.

Remote Options

A variety of remotes are available, and your Amazing Shutters representative can help you select the right one for your home. Choose a 1-channel remote for shutters in one or two rooms, or a 5-channel remote for shutters in the entire house. The 5-channel remote can be set to control individual panels, windows, rooms, or even an entire section of the home on each channel. Amazing Window Fashions also offers a wireless wall switch.

Polywood Motorization Romote (PDF)

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