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Luminarius Vinyl Shutters

Luminaries vinyl shutters Toronto provide you the functionality and durability while not compromising on beauty and elegance. These vinyl shutters are manufactured with high quality PVC. The material which is used in the construction of these shutters would not fade when exposed to sunlight and is resistant to warping, cracking and chipping. All of these vinyl shutters are reinforced with aluminum skeleton which would ensure that you would be able to operate them without any trouble.

Luminaris vinyl shutters Toronto are available in two different styles. The classique style has the traditional pull bar and the perfect view shutters have a hidden gear mechanism. All of these vinyl shutters are available in a wide variety of choices in outside and inside mounts, frames and colors. There are two louver sizes available to suit your needs. The louver orientation in PerfectView has a hidden mechanism which makes it completely invisible. Also, these shutters feature an invisible divider which divides the panel louvers without a divider rail.

The classique shutters have a patent removable pull bar for ease of cleaning. You can pull it off and snap it back again without any problems. You can also adjust the pull bar in the right, left of center as per your requirements. These shutters offer you the type of flexibility and versatility that you need for easy use and functionality. With these shutters you would be able to get the elegance of superior design for your home without the need for extensive maintenance or cleaning.

Luminaris Vinyl Shutters tilt rod In Toronto
Removable tilt bar for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Luminaris Vinyl Shutters aluminum reinforced frames Toronto
Choice of aluminum reinforced frames

Luminaris Vinyl Shutters spring loaded
Style caps with spring loaded buttons for no magnet installation and frame bi-fold system.

Luminaris Vinyl Shutters corners Toronto
Pre-installed traction corners for quick frame assembly and tight 45° corners. Only 4 screws required per frame.

Luminaris Vinyl Shutters:

In addition, our shutters are rein- forced with an aluminum skeleton delivering years of trouble free, maintenance free operation. All Luminaris Shutters are backed by our 15 year Limited Warranty.

Two styles are available, Classique with the traditional pull bar or our patented hidden gear mechanism called Perfect view. All are available in a choice of frames, inside and outside mounts. As well 2 louver sizes and colours will add character and warmth to any room.

Perfect View:

The Luminaris Perfectview style shutter features its patented hidden mechanism for louver orientation. It is totally invisible as it is contained entirely with in the stile of the panel. Another feature of Perfectview is the use of our Invisible Divider which separates the panel louvers without the use of a divider rail. All stiles and frames where hinges are located are aluminum reinforced.

All Luminaris Shutters with frames DO NOT USE MAGNETS!

A Patented spring loaded button replaces the magnet and this feature is also used for our multi panel gliding system.


The Luminaris Classique style shutter features its patented removable pull bar for easy cleaning. It simply pulls off and can be quickly snapped on again. The standard position for the pull bar is in the centre, but it can be placed on the left side or right side on panels or even on the back. All stiles and frames where hinges are located are aluminum reinforced.